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Contained in the above zipped file as hello.txt:


This file contains the text of the Lloyd Long case. (particulars below) The story of how this file is in your possession is an interesting one. As I understand it, one of Mr. Long's attorneys ordered this trial transcript. (Mr. Becraft or Mr. Leonard) I believe the cost was about $360. Copies were then sold to approx. 6 people for $60. Each of those then sold 2 copies for $30. I was one of those people.

While that system assured that no one would "loose money" distributing the case, it was very slow and the total number of people getting the case would remain very small. I felt it is in the best interest of the Country if more people read the case. So I made copies of the case and offered to distribute them for the cost of printing and mailing. Almost no one took up the offer. I then contacted a person who said if I sent them a copy of the case, they'd OCR it into a TEXT version. I did and waited 6 months for something to happen. Nothing did. I then scanned all 483 pages into TIF files (for a total of 134Meg of files) and tried to distribute them that way. Even zipped up, it was over 13Meg of files and had no takers.

I had an offer to OCR the TIF files, but the size of the job overwhelmed the person making the offer. Finally I went to the nets and Internet and asked for HELP! I got an offer to OCR my TIF images for about $100. So I went back to the online community and again asked for HELP, but this time I asked for money. Well you have the following list of people to thank:

Me! :)
Kin Rineer
Bill Teague
Adolf Besgin
Frank Marzullo
Dave Kuehne
Tony Sgarlatti
Dell Dennison

And others who wished to remain anonymous. Thanks to all! And note: We achieved our goal of getting this out before April 15th! :)

I proof-read the file looking for obvious errors and think I found most of them. OCR is not a perfect science. We have attempted, to the best of our ability, to reproduce this transcript as accurately as possible. Any errors or omissions are 100% accidental. If you find any, please notify me asap.

I'm sorry we lost the page numbers. There was no easy way to handle this w/the system I used to get this to text form. Maybe next time.

Now a word about the case... my reasons for helping to get this case out into the public's eye are my own. But basically it's to show people just how the government operates in such cases. It's also to get people to start looking up cases as Mr. Long did. It's also to show that the jury system is one of the most powerful forces we have in helping to retain our rights. Please distribute this file far and wide. Because this file is over 1meg large, I've included "LIST.COM" with this file so that people could easily view and search the file. LIST is shareware, if you find it useful I recommend registering it w/the the author. The inclusion of LIST.COM in NO WAY implies a relationship w/Vernon D. Buerg. The program is supplied strictly as a courtesy to those w/o a way to view a file this size.

There is more to this case. There are the motions and evidence that I feel people would benefit from. There are about 320 ADDITIONAL pages that need OCRing to complete this case. Again, I'll donate my time and scanner to turn them into TIF images ready for OCRing, but we'll need your help in getting them to e-text. If you want to help, send a small donation ($10 or less) to

Eric Gray
3707 N. Runway
Tucson, Arizona 85705

(Silver preferred, but will accept FRNs in a pinch. No checks please.)

Be sure to put a note in there telling me it's for "the rest of the Long Case." Also note if you want me to withhold your name from the list of "helpers." As soon as I receive the needed funds, I'll distribute it in the same manner I'm distributing this file. If you want me to send you a copy on Floppy disk, you must donate $10, as smaller donations are wasted on disks and mailing costs.

A note on the case. This case was a criminal case. The IRS still has the power of the banking industry and other gov. agencies to try to steal his property from him. They refer to this as the "civil" side. That is a separate issue. I am one who believes the IRS is an organized theft ring operating under the guise of a government agency. I can't go into it here, but I've come to the conclusion after over 10 years of searching for answers, that some of the worst stories and allegations about the IRS are true.

This is an ongoing battle, but it's one that must be fought....

"My people perish for lack of knowledge...." Hosea 4:6

Well here is some "knowledge!" :)

In His Faith,


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