Social Security Administration (SSA) Form 521 - Request For Withdrawal Of Application

If you think this is the silver bullet to get you out of the Social(ist) (in)Security System - think again.

On the Common Law <> mail list, Robert Happy, a.k.a. Christianus Dei Gratia <> had this to say, "The form is for rescinding an application for benefits. However, it is only applicable for those who have already filed for benefits but now realize they don't need them. For instance, you were laid off work and filed for unemployment. Then before the benefits kicked in you get another job, you would want to rescind the original application for benefits or you'd have to pay them back."

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If you would like a full size form mailed (FREE), send a self addressed stamped envelope requesting the "SSA 521 Form" to:

Tony Sgarlatti
c/o P.O. Box 323
Hopkins, Minnesota
Postal Zone 55343-0323

Courtesy of "The Truth (as I see it)" Cable Show <> for the enlightenment of the internet community.

First posted February 21, 1996 and modified January 9, 1997